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    You can't *&*&*&*& with the criminal rapping over gangsta *&*&*&*&
    First I load the clip and then I make the hit
    I know some y'all can't fade this
    Lench Mob niggas are the craziest
    So you and your boys are ass-out
    When I'm rollin in a seven-deuce glass house
    The Mob ain't nothing but a menace
    When we get the mother*&*&*&*&ing dog in us
    Playing them old beats
    I'm pouring out some of my beer for my homies
    Ready to peel your cap
    You can't believe "Faces of Death" on wax
    Some say the Mob ain't positive
    Man *&*&*&*& that *&*&*&*& cause I gots to live
    How I live and you could either give a *&*&*&*& punk
    Yo or get your ass bucked
    Some rappers are heaven-sent
    But Self-Destruction don't pay the *&*&*&*&ing rent
    So you can either sell dope or get your ass a job
    I'd rather roll it wit the Lench Mob

    To be down with the Mob is simple
    Mind your own you want a spot find your own
    And take mine if you're badder than the strong man
    I do the right thing I do the wrong thing
    Do anything cause I ain't faking the scene
    It's all about how much bacon you bring
    And if you see something from the gat I will stuff it
    Yo you ain't seen nothing
    Cause if you testify you're living blind
    Cause in the city you live and let die
    Rolling with the fools One Time can't beat
    On my knees in the street interlock my hands and feet
    He said "I know you" I said "you might
    My name is Ice Cube I did a song you didn't like"
    So he soaked me up like Bounty
    Had to do a week in the county
    A piece of cake it was just like a party
    Cause in the county you know everybody
    No I didn't kill or steal or rob
    Locked up for what cause I'm rollin wit the Lench Mob

    If you know a female that's rollin with the Lench Mob
    Watch your step cause the gat is kept
    In the purse like my homegirl Yo-Yo
    You gotta be down and you can't be a hoe no
    Cause if you are I'll be the first one to bust you out
    After my crew I'll be the first one to rush you out
    Get the picture or *&*&*&*&*&
    You'll get the eighty-six
    If she wanna try and mix
    Business and pleasure make up your own mind
    You gotta be a hoe on your own time
    Don't sleep cause even on a solo creep
    Yo the Mob is still deep
    And we'll play ya just like a nit-wit
    You thought you got with the crew you can't get with
    So get the noose ready for the lynching
    Now 235 is what I'm benching
    But nowadays it's still not enough
    I got something guaranteed to stop the bum rush
    Give me the gat, step back, and watch me do the job
    Rolling with the mother*&*&*&*&ing Lench Mob

    I heard payback's a mother*&*&*&*&ing nigga
    That's why I'm sick of gettin treated like a goddamn stepchild
    *&*&*&*& a punk cause I ain't him
    You gotta deal with the nine-double-limb
    The damn scum that you all hate
    Just think if niggas decide to retaliate
    They try to keep me from running up
    I never tell you to get down it's all about coming up
    So what they do go and ban the AK?
    My *&*&*&*& wasn't registered any *&*&*&*&ing way
    So you better duck away run and hide out
    When I'm rolling real slow and the lights out
    Cause I'm about to *&*&*&*& up the program
    Shooting out the window of a drop-top Brougham
    When I'm shooting let's see who drop
    The police the media and suckers that went pop
    And mother*&*&*&*&ers that say they too black
    Put em overseas they be begging to come back
    They say keep em on gangs and drugs
    Yyou wanna sweep a nigga like me up under the rug
    Kicking *&*&*&*& called street knowledge
    Why more niggas in the pen than in college?
    Now cause of that line I might be your cellmate
    That's from the nigga ya love to hate

    <*&*&*&*& you Ice Cube>
    Yeah, ha-ha, it's the nigga you love to hate
    <*&*&*&*& you Ice Cube>
    Ay yo baby, your mother warned you about me
    It's the nigga you love to hate
    <Yo, you ain't doing nothing pops
    Yo, you ain't doing nothing pops for the brothers
    What you got to say for yourself?>
    You do like how I'm living? Well, *&*&*&*& you

    Once again it's on, the mother*&*&*&*&ing psycho
    Ice Cube the *&*&*&*&*& killa cap peeler
    Yo runnin through the line like Bo
    It's no pot to piss in
    I put my fist in
    Now who do ya love to hate
    Cause I talk *&*&*&*& and down the eight-ball
    Cause I don't fake you're begging I fall off
    The crossover might as well cut them balls off
    And get your ass ready for the lynching
    The mob is droppin common sense and
    We'll gank in the pen will shank
    Any Tom Dick and Hank or get the ass
    Fake it ain't about how right or wrong you live
    But how long you live
    I ain't with the bull*&*&*&*&
    I meet cold *&*&*&*&*&es no hoes
    Don't wanna sleep so I keep popping No-Doz
    And tell the young people what they gotta know
    Cause I hate when niggas gotta live low
    And if you're locked up I dedicate my style in
    From San Quentin to Rykers Island
    We got em afraid of the funky *&*&*&*&
    I like to clown so pump up the sound
    In the jeep make the old ladies say
    Oh my god wait it's the nigga ya love to hate

    <*&*&*&*& you Ice Cube>
    Yeah come on fool
    It's the nigga you love to hate
    <*&*&*&*& you Ice Cube>
    Yeah run up punk
    It's the nigga you love to hate
    <Yo, who the *&*&*&*& you think you are calling girls *&*&*&*&*&es?
    You ain't all that
    That's all I hear, *&*&*&*&*&, *&*&*&*&*&
    I ain't nobody's *&*&*&*&*&>
    A *&*&*&*&*& is a....

    Soul Train done lost they soul
    Just call it train cause the *&*&*&*&*&es look like hoes
    I see a lotta others damn
    It almost look like the Bandstand
    You ask me did I like Arsenio
    About as much as the bicentennial
    I don't give a *&*&*&*& about dissing these fools cause they all scared of
    the Ice Cube
    And what I say what I portray and all that
    And ain't even seen the gat
    I don't wanna see no dancing
    I'm sick of that *&*&*&*& listen to the hit
    Cause yo if I look and see another brother
    On the video tryin to out-dance each other
    I'm a tell T-Bone to pass the bottle
    And don't give me that *&*&*&*& about role model
    It ain't wise to chastise and preach
    Just open the eyes of each
    Cause laws are made to be broken up
    What niggas need to do is start loc-ing up
    And build mold and fold theyself into shape
    Of the nigga ya love to hate
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