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Discussion in 'Sequencing Hardware' started by mark6677, Sep 11, 2006.

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    Okay.... I have a dell inspirion 6000 with a SigmaTel C-major sound card. I just recently got a Yamaha YPT-300 keyboard. So, I also just bought a M-audio uno cable which connects the keyboard to the usb drive of my computer. My goal is to be able to put midi files on my flashdrive of my keyboard (it will store a number of songs) and also be able to record songs from my keyboard onto my computer.

    I've actually been successful in one aspect: I can open midi files in windows media player and they are exported to my keyboard (so they play on the keyboard, not the computer). This is the only thing I have had success with.

    I have installed the driver that came with the midi cable, and I have also installed cakewalk music creator 3. I can't seem to get any audio to import from the keyboard onto the computer... please help.

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