I've seen worse descriptions...

Discussion in 'rec.music.percussion' started by Les Hutchinson, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. "Drums is a rickshaw being pulled by a maniac mule down a dusty road..
    Drums is falling eloquently down a long flight of stairs and landing
    on your feet..
    Drums is learning to ride a bicycle built by Dr. Suess..
    Drums is schizophrenia at its best..
    Drums is four limbs floating gradually out from the center until you
    are nothing but a butt on a seat supporting a brain on automatic pilot
    looking down on the whole affair and laughing in hysterical
    Drums is the ride of a lifetime..
    Drums is the dam bursting..
    Drums is the breeze whispering..
    Drums is so good it will make you want to pop."

    ~Jon Fishmam~

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