Java MIDI output device to MIDI Yoke.

Discussion in '' started by Hugo Villeneuve, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. Hello

    I want to send Midi note from my Java application to another
    commercial music application (FruityLoop). I use the Midi Yoke to make
    the loop from the Output To the Input and It works fine except for
    MIDI from my Java APP.

    When I play MIDI with the MidiPlayer example from I
    choose the Yoke Midi output device but the music still play in the
    speakers. MidiPlayer found the Yoke output port but look like using
    the default Ouput. Is it a bug in the sample ?

    I use JDK 1.3 but I also try with 1.4.1 and I have the same result.
    Any one have use the MIDI YOKE Mapper with Java ?

    Thank you

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