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Discussion in 'Digital Audio & Recording' started by BobHaymond, Mar 15, 2006.

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    Two issues: 1) I have recorded my first MIDI track in Sonar 5 using an old Kawai K1 and Akoustik Piano. Sounds good while recording but on playback it's muddled by what seems like excessive sustain. My young buddy (he's 62) plays the piano but knows nothing about keyboards. I (@75) play tenor also know nothing about keyboards. Does this problem seem common enough to allow conjecture?? Any help appreciated.

    2) Over a painful journey of trying to put together a DAW, I've had much difficulty with the Kawai. I have found its manual a great headache. So I probably need to replace it. As I intend to be totally virtual instruments, I will just need a MIDI controller. I will want one as close to a real piano as possible. The ones I see on the net appear to be only a few hundred dollars. What reccomendations can you make? Discussion would be helpful. Do controllers come with sustain pedals?

    We will just be playing jazz circa 1945. TIA bh

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