Klaatu, -- First of 4 midis, once thought to be the Beatles

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    I've sequenced 4 of this great but unrecognized progressive Rock band's songs (attached.)

    This band debuted in the late 70's under their group name, Klaatu, which was taken from the 1951 movie "The Day The Earth Stood Stilll."

    They posted no names on the credits, wishing for the music to speak for itself, and it did. They are fabulous.

    And their lead singer, utltimately unfortunately, at times sounded just like Paul McCartney.....and a dumb DJ in New Jersey suggested that they might be a secret Beatles reunion.....their songs started getting airplay, they released a second album....but ultimately the press turned their backs on them, audiophiles/fans too, thinking THEY had deliberately attempted to garner support by starting the Beatles rumor themselves (which they absolutely did not.)

    Their style has been described as a cross between Bealtes, Pink Floyd, and even with some hard rock ac/dc influence as well. Their second album, Hope, contained several songs that combined Rock with classical. One of those, I have sequenced "Long Live Politzania."

    Listen to "California Jam" first. It is their tribute to the Beach Boys....but doesnt SOUND like the beach boys, thank god!


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