lag in midi output, firewire410 device

Discussion in 'General Sequencing' started by flipper_md, Oct 25, 2003.

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    hi all

    I'm trying to find a solution to get realtime output from my pc's speakers when I'm kidding around on my synthetizer.

    recently, i've changed my SBlive for a M-Audio Firewire410 and now I can't get realtime output anymore... there's always an annoying lag of 1/4sec that makes it unusable.

    for now, if I want to here the sounds from my computer, I need to select Microsoft GS Wavetable SW synth as Midi Output, otherwise it's sent to my keyboard.

    Can I get realtime output from my current setup?
    can I download a better output *codec* than Microsoft GS Wavetable(it appeared by itself)?
    or do i need another device to decode and do the task?

    thanks for a tip on this :)


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