Latency issue for a noob!!!

Discussion in 'Digital Audio & Recording' started by swingrays, Nov 30, 2007.

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    I just bought an Alesis ControlPad and hooked it up to my laptop via the USB and it sounds killer with the BFDlite samples, but I have the dreaded latency problem. I tried messing with the ASIO thingy, but it never got any better. I know that USB isn't the ideal way to hook it up to the pc. I have no access to my soundcard. I am using a Dell Vostro 1500 Core 2 Duo with a SignmaTel sound card. I admit I know crap about Midi and soundcards. Heck I still use my old Boss BR-8 for recording with ZIP discs! But, how can I make this work? Is there a way to install a soundcard in a laptop? I have an empty slot on the side that looks like i could stick something in. Do I need to get an interface, like a Mackie Spike??? How would that remedy my latency problem? I just don't know about Midi. I'm a drummer. I hit things and they make a sound. I hit the pad and it makes a sound, about a 6 milliseconds later!!!

    I also have a keyboard that's midi compatible that I'd like to use to use some of these great soft synths! I tried that and had the same problem.


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