Learning classy-cal piano, sharing MIDI impromptus, enjoy!

Discussion in 'Original Music' started by Teo1, Aug 12, 2006.

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    Hello and harmony,

    I used to play every kind of electronic mayhem machine made: http://Givnology.com/compose.htm#channels but now I am very seriously studying classical piano. The only exception from playing real piano is an old Roland KR-33 I just bought to take to the cottage - won't get out of tune - and I can play in town in the middle of the night, 76 keys, not quite the 88 but more than the 60 of my other 2 normal size key's. The KR-33 is so old, it doesn't show up in my MIDI software keyboard lists, and get this:It is so old that it has a soft pedal! Often older is better hum?

    Against my better judgement I have been recording MIDIs of my playing. Over the years, playing is one thing, recording another! Beethoven, Liszt and Chopin weren't recorded, and music may have been more genuine then... Anyway, guilty or not...

    I realized that I can share my music with incredible ease by sharing my MIDI files! Small file size, "perfect" quality, and hey, you can import them into your synthesizers and steal my chops! :blush:

    I have a seeeerios project: I am looking for software to be able to really organize the MIDI files by THEIR TAGS, something that MP3 players and software does efficiently - see - I have a Chopin I have turned into a BossaNova. It'll be in my Chopin category, but not my Classical category, kapish? I need well indexed Tags - to give author, (re)arranger, performance date, etc... but for the time being, here, enjoy!

    Volzar1.mid My very first try soloing on Waltz.

    JSBachPrelude21.mid A Bach prelude (3/4 of it) I like.

    WhatYouSync0.mid A very unfinished Waltz Impromptu (solo) where I have genetically engineered the "circle of fifths," (Jazz) into Waltz..

    JSBInvention.mid another Bach, Invention #4, but not complete, in-process, but I am a shareaholic..

    GymnIntro1a.mid Gynmopedie by Eric Satie - the Intro, and my own versioning - you see, I think I'm into creating "Splashes" and "Needle Drops" - short pieces for Film and Video like I used to do (corporate multimedia).

    MeABeet01.mid "Give me a Beet!" A punny way to say "Beats" aren't songs, Beet's are! :p This is an example of a solo in Gypsy (Phrygian) scale - I just found that it fit this part of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata - and I ended with the end of Clair de Lune by DeBussy - which I later find is THE SAME NAME! Monschiene Sonatn or something.. This piece also shows my "Impromptu" ability, no, not Improper ability! I hope... :rolleyes2 anyway, my left-right hand independance, I can hold a pattern in the left and do all kinds of thinks in the right - the true meaning of "Rubato," even Wolfie Mozart did rubato - and it doesn't mean the 'timid timing' where everything is (both hands are) retarded.

    Once I get my Tag filing business straight, so that credit is given to whom it should (thank you dear dear dear composers and originators!!! XOXOXO), then I will share my classical, and improvisations, and other, more. Here I am over-sharing but this just means you get to hear this music first! :cool2:


    Love and light being, Teo Do (Re, Mi, Fa, So, LaaAAA!!!) ;) :love:

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