Legitimate Traffic

Discussion in 'rec.music.guitar' started by Pete Kerezman, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. I'm a relative newcomer to the electric guitar, although I been
    bangin' folk rock chords on my Martin for a good many years. Since I
    started reading this group I've -

    Learned about a lot of really good cd's.

    Learned how to properly intonate my guitar (fifth and seventeenth
    frets, please).

    Learned about how to care for and maintain an electric guitar.

    Learned a ton of stuff about amps, effects, and different brands of

    Helped a few people when I had the expertise to do it.

    Read a lot of good-natured and occasionally hilarious humor.

    Read a lot of fascinating gig stories.

    Made new friends.

    There's ya some positive results of what I feel is "legitimate"
    traffic in this usenet group. Unfortunately I'm not much further
    along the road to becoming a hotshot player than I was six years ago
    but I'm havin' a whole lotta fun with it, and I can play out on guitar
    (instead of bass) without disgracing myself.

    Texas Pete

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