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    Version 2.2.2 of the cost free musical score editor NoteEdit is available:

    New features:

    - export ABC music (
    Please read The ABC music export discussion page

    o The tool abcm2ps (
    very surprising software, because:
    o it consits of only 10 short C files,
    o it compiles in less than 30 seconds,
    o it converts Beethoven's 5th symphony (1st mov.)
    in less than 10 seconds to PostScript
    o it deals with a very easy comprehensible source
    language (ABC music)
    o it is GPL
    o it needs no TeX or LaTex installation.

    - MusiXTeX: export in \smallmusicsite, \largemusicsize, \Largemusicsize
    - LilyPond:
    o drum notes can be exported as "normal" notes. This is because the
    LilyPond drum notes handling sometimes produces) weird results.
    o anacrusis works (again)

    J.Anders, Chemnitz, GERMANY (

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