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    Version 2.3.0 of the cost free musical score editor NoteEdit is available:

    New features:

    - score layout : braces (piano staffs), brackets (staff groups),
    continued/discontinued bar rules.

    Note! NoteEdit does its best to export the score layout. But
    depending on your typesetting system the score layout possibly
    changes (see below)

    - Hungarian GUI translation (thanks to Peter Breuer <>)
    - end bar
    - multi repeats

    Note! The multi repeat influences the replay but the signature
    is only exported to MUP. (Perhaps some gurus can sometimes
    explain to me how to export this into to different typesetting

    - UTF8 text coding in "*.not" files. This sould enable correct restore
    of Russian (Cyrillic), Greek, Hebrew, ... texts.

    Note! It does not mean it exports Russian, (Cyrillic), Greek,
    Hebrew, ... texts to MusiXTeX, LilyPond, ABC music, ...! I'm afraid
    I'd need a native language speaker with some C++ programming
    knowledge to solve this.

    Note further! This implies a small version incompatibility if
    you wrote lyrices and titles containing non-ascii characters :-(
    Please correct them on NoteEDit score and store them again.

    Note futher! I'm not quite sure whether this disturbs the
    KDE-2.x/Qt-2.x compatibility.

    - the # --> B / B --> # tool influences only the selected part (if any)
    this is especially usful after Midi import if the score
    has some B and some # parts.

    - bugs fixed, among them:
    + correct replay of dal segno al coda
    + correct MusiXTeX export of ending repeat close symbol
    + cleanup rests works (again)

    Problems exporting score layout

    MusiXTeX actually accepts either completely continued or completely
    discontinued bar rules. If you specify a mix of partial
    continued and partial discontinued bar rules NoteEdit
    produces some statements of the musixdbr.tex package
    by Rainer Dunker. NoteEdit produces a warning and gives
    advice to install this package. Otherwise MusiXTeX will fail.

    PMX is a preprocessor to MusiXTeX and therefore the same problems apply.

    ABC music cannot deal with nested braces in brackets. NoteEdit will warn you.

    LilyPond can deal with braces and brackets. It changes the staff
    rules according to some LilyPond inherent rules. I was
    told it is possible to break these rules. But I assume
    they are there for good reasons. NoteEdit will warn you
    if a LilyPond rule will change the staff rule policy.

    MUP has no limitations.

    J.Anders, Chemnitz, GERMANY (

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