Live folk festival on the radio this weekend

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  1. But first something even more important...

    I just brought home my wife and newest daughter from the hospital this
    afternoon. Yep, another Gilliland enters the world.... Jaimee Lynn
    Gilliland arrived Wednesday evening shortly after 9.

    Now for the subject line - WKSU is broadcasting my recordings of last
    year's Kent State Folk Festival tonight and tomorrow night here. These
    will include Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, Rhonda Vincent and the
    Rage, the Pete Sutherland trio, Ruthie Foster, Laurie Lewis and Nina
    Gerber, the Asylum Street Spankers, Cheryl Wheeler, and Eric Bogle.

    Also in the mix will be Beyond The Pale (I did NOT record that one), and
    an archive performance of Martin, Bogan, and Armstrong from the 1970s
    (again, not my work). Howard Armstrong died just this month - he was
    the last of them to stick around.

    (For those unfamiliar, Martin, Bogan, and Armstrong were an early black
    string band from the rural south, one of the best known and best loved.
    This is definitely a slice of musical history. This one will kick off
    tomorrow night's broadcast/webcast at 8.)

    The broadcasts will be carried on the web via RealAudio or Windows Media
    at They run from 9PM to 1AM EDT tonight, and 8PM to 1AM EDT
    on Saturday night:

    They may also be available on for a week or more after the

    Or, if you happen to be in northeastern Ohio, they're on the air at 89.7
    or any of several repeaters:

    If you get the chance to listen to any of them, please feel free to
    critique or ask questions about the recordings.
  2. MCartsonis

    MCartsonis Guest

    << Howard Armstrong died just this month >>

    How sad. Hadn't heard that. I first saw him play when I was in high school.
    What a great, distinctive fiddle style, and cool muted tone.



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