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    Loading a MIDI File using external MIDI Module:

    Go File>Open>select MIDI File>Click OPEN. Hold the COMMAND KEY then click NEW (or COPY). This routes channels and tracks to the MIDI sound module. Otherwise, Logic will load in its EXS samples.

    Transpose all (except drums):

    Select All then deselect drum track (MIDI channel 10). On the Left channel strip, adjust the amount of transpose. When done, 'select all' and Normalize (Ctrl+N). if you don;r normalise and export to MIDI File, the transpositions won't save.

    Change an instrument:

    Select the channel and press 'E' to open Event Editor. Change or add the Program Instrument to suit. When done, Normalize (Ctrl+N) the track.

    Delete an Instrument:

    Select the channel and press the DELETE key. An alternative is to Press E and open the Event Editor and set Volume (Controller 7) to 0. This leaves the track intact but you won't hear it. When done, Normalize (Ctrl+N) the track.


    Normalizing locks in any edits. This can be undone but you must Normalize after edits before saving the song file.

    Exporting the MIDI File (VERY Important !)

    1: Merge all each parts in each individual track so there's one linear track per channel

    2: Select ALL and Normalize. Click OK to update MIDi channel data

    3: Select All (COMMAND+A) then save. NOTE - this is a very important step.

    All tracks must be selected when exporting a MIDI File otherwise Logic Pro X will only export the highlighted track(s).

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