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    I’m locked in my room
    All four walls are closing in
    Suffocating claustrophobia
    Slow and painful
    Is the way I wanna go
    Each step that I take
    Brakes me down

    Someday I will crumble
    Into dust & drift away
    Into the abyss
    Where no one Can find me
    Cold scared and all alone
    is how I want to spend eternity
    im so lost without this
    meaning of life
    im ready to die here

    so please come take me
    oh please take me away
    to a place where I can play
    be free once for all
    and be in love once again
    or send me to hell cause I have
    no purpose here
    so cold scared and all alone
    with no one to care
    is how I spend eternity here
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    Hello there Im Steph new
    here glad to
    meet you all
    and about
    the song cool i like
    it but not really
    sure bout the music..

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