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    Hello, my name is Reslan, It's been a long time searching for some old songs that I lost ! The title of these songs are:

    1- I can't afford to loose you. (I don't know the singer name), words start: "I can make you say, the words I want you to, say I love you....."

    2- Don't Just stand there. (I don't know the singer name), words start: "Please, don't just stand there, come and kiss me, like before..."

    3- Once there was a time. Tom Jones

    4- People got to be free (The 5th Dimension)

    I'm looking for the original song and the MIDI song of the same numbers mentioned above!! If someone has them I will be gratefull and will exchange some of my rare oldies with her or him. It is a real challenge :smart:
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