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    I represent a MIDI production website and we currently have an opportunity for MIDI transcribers, arrangers, sequencers (or anything else you want to call the general art of creating MIDI files) to join our ranks.

    The opportunity presented will be commission-based work.

    The ideal candidates will:
    -Be passionate with an ambition to succeed and help our business grow
    -Produce exclusively programmed work
    -Present files in GM format
    -Will include all instruments from the original recording & all instruments must be identical to original recording
    -All work will include the melody channel (or vocal channel)

    Who are we?
    We're a subscription-based MIDI download site. Our files are high-quality and our work constantly sells. We create on-demand, trending tracks that customers want, dabble in custom-work for very competitive rates and are gradually building a very responsive following.

    What we can offer you..
    -45% commission on every click-through from your track that results in a sale
    -Access to your very own "staff page" where you can quickly check on our current requests and speak with other staff members
    -Current request message board featuring tracks our users want or which are trending high on social media
    -Easily check your conversions, traffic logs and earnings in one click
    -Exposure for your work and the experience of working on a live production website

    This is an opportunity for continued work which is very rare these days in the world of MIDI. The potential to earn will always be there and always within reach. Are you willing to work for it?

    If interested, please contact me at vancelow[at]outl00k[d0t]com (replace 00 in outlook with oo) for more details or simply send me a PM. Email contact preferred.

    Many thanks.

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