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    MIDI Composers,

    I am a MIDI composer who has automated my techniques and currently provide
    software as FREEWARE. It can generate infinite chord sequences and allows
    you to perform "Object Oriented MIDI Programming". This is a technique that
    allows you to create numerous Objects and sequence and link to them via a
    Composition Profile layer.

    This MP3 File is a preview of the quality of improvisation.

    There are numerous GM MIDI examples at: http://www.quantumportal.com

    I accomodate both GM MIDI and the Roland JV-1010 Synth Module. I can
    accomodate other Synth Modules if I am supplied with sample MIDI Files with
    Bank Select Events.

    I thought this message may be of value to all other MIDI Composers.

    All feedback is welcome. I would like to extend my software to other Synth

    I produced a Music CD entitled, "Life On mars -Prophecy-", which can be
    heard at: http://www.mp3.com/QuantumPortal



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