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    Where can I get a converter that changes mp3 to midi? Thanks
  2. On Sun, 22 Jun 2003 13:19:47 GMT, "Dan" <DWLevine1819@attbi.com>

    >Where can I get a converter that changes mp3 to midi? Thanks

    Audio to MIDI conversion, which includes mp3 to MIDI, is effectively
    limited to music which uses only one instrument, a strongly tonal
    instrument (no percussion -- drums etc.), and ideally only one note
    playing at a time. Pitch recognition at best only gets the right
    notes. It won't recognize the instrument, nor make a proper

    Check out the alt.music.midi FAQ,

    It has links and info about audio to MIDI recognition applications.

    If you want to convert a typical pop tune with a mix of instruments,
    percussion, vocals, and effects, you're out of luck. You'll need real
    musicians to do that job.

    Keep in mind that a MIDI file is effectively a new cover arrangement
    and performance of a song, not just another way to record the audio.
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    Some of these wav to midi convertors also require you to slow down the song.

    To do this with pre-recorded music, there is a tool that you get when you buy
    band in a box from www.pgmusic.com that does a good job, and does not shift the

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