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Discussion in 'comp.music.midi' started by Dejan Kecman, Aug 4, 2003.

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    Dejan Kecman Guest

    I am new to the world of digital music and MIDI, and would appreciate some

    I bought Kawai MP9500 digital piano. I am piano player, so I was looking
    for something as close as possible to "real" thing, and this beauty has even
    wooden keys... Anyway, MP9500 is advertised as a rather good Controller
    Keyboard as well (easy and real-time control for 4 zones etc.). As I said, I
    am new to MIDI, with general understanding about basic concepts and how to
    use them... I am interested in expanding my setup with some sound and rhythm
    sources and basic question is: sound module vs PC. My starting intention
    would be having some kind of rhythm sections that I could use for
    accompanying of my playing (btw how is that done through MIDI - I know that
    synth-toys have capability to play full rhythm arrangements when you just
    press a key or two saying in which major/minor, 7/9 etc you are? Is that
    still possible with sound module or PC setup? I don't see why not, since
    MIDI will transmit whatever I pressed on my keyboard, and it is up to sound
    source to use it as it can - in this case play preset rhythm arrangement).
    As I become more familiar with MIDI world, I would start getting into
    composing, arranging etc.

    Any advice is appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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