MIDI on Pocket PC?

Discussion in 'comp.music.midi' started by MS, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. MS

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    I am thinking of getting a Pocket PC PDA, and am wondering about whether
    they have any capabilities for music, besides the obvious PDA functions?

    Well, I see that the new ones come with Windows Media Player, they can play
    MP3s, etc., so that is one music capability.

    But how about MIDI? Do they come with a software synthesizer, as Windows XP
    does? Any good? Any 3rd party softsynths that work on Pocket PC OS?

    Any music software (other than WMP) that works on Pocket PC--any sequencer,
  2. Note Jam

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    No pda that I know of comes with midi ability, and that includes those that can
    play mp3.

    However, you can order midi programs and sound boxs for certain pda models,
    and do midi from a pda, including recording and playback.

    Here is where you can find out what is currently available.

    Go to www.google.com

    Enter these search words: PDA MIDI
    and press the enter key or return key.

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