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Discussion in 'General Sequencing' started by barrywomb, Apr 14, 2010.

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    Hi- I use midi tracks in my band right now. They've all been glommed from the internet and then I change the sounds in Sonar to decent ones. This has worked great for me in the past.

    However, there are some songs that I can't find that I'd like to create from scratch. I've gotta midi keyboard and the above-mentioned Sonar. I can certainly hook up the keyboard and get sound and record something new in Sonar. This is no problem.

    My question is- what's the process that people go through to create entire songs that're nothing BUT midi? I've heard some out there that are really good with drums, guitars, bass, keys, etc. but the METER never get's off and everything is locked into the click really well.

    Here's an example: Band on the Run - http://www.maccafan.net/Midi/BandOnTheRun/BandOnTheRun.mid
    Through the web browser, this kinda blows, but if you put it in Sonar and tweak the sounds, it sounds pretty darned good.

    HOW would this person put this whole thing together, keep it in time, and nail all the parts? Is it just that they're a good keyboard player with a lot of time to dissect and learn each part- or are they doing it at a slower tempo or what? I can't believe that someone would take a LONG time to put this together and have it be pretty darned accurate.

    Hopefully my question's not too vague...


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