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    MIDIBuddy Donations

    With the rising costs of server space (bandwidth on a high traffic site is not cheap) this link has been setup to accept donations to help pay for the server and other costs of advertising and maintaing the site.

    You can donate whatever you wish. Any amount will help!

    Edit:For every $1 donated you will receive $100 MB Cash!! So, if you donate $10 you will get $1000, $5; $500, etc.

    This is not required to be a member, however we would highly appreciate your donations! Think of this as a tip you would give to a waiter at a resturant for serving you. Yeh, you don't have to tip, but it's always in good manners. Think of this 'tip' for the service that you are currently (hopefully) enjoying. ;)

    Please view this page:

    Thank you for your support! :thumbsup:
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