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Discussion in '' started by Mark De Block, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. hi guys!

    already a bit experience in keyboards and midi, but really wanna ask to the
    experienced here,

    what is the ideal combination to start producing dance-music with cubase or

    should i buy an rm1x(yam) or just a simple synthesizer or keyboard from
    yamaha or roland and start experimenting...

    and what soundcard should i buy (incl midi?)

    would be great if some guys/woman could help me on the way here!...

    i am not just 'another guy' that is gonna start with making music(like so
    i've been in music (dj'ing) all my life, but this time i really wanna start
    producing my ow music, cause i got some frantic good and creative ideas...
    my kind of music : dance,funck,latin,trip-hop,etc!

    i wanna start building gradually ($!) my own little 'studio' !

    thanx for your help !

    yc (Belgium)

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