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    Crane is stoked to be challenging the DJs/Producers of the WORLD for their best

    mix or originally produced track. Compilations should be a 10-minute

    video. Must be entered by January 20th, 2011. The announcement of top ten

    finalists will be March 10th, 2011. Then, it’s off to a panel of celebrity judges

    to be announced! Voting begins January 15th and is open to anyone, one vote per

    person. (Requires valid email address).

    Winner will receive:

    • Round Trip Airfare to Seattle, WA ($350 credit)
    • 1 Night of Hotel Accommodations at the Hotel Max in Downtown Seattle
    • Dinner at gourmet Seattle restaurant with the Crane Crew
    • Factory Tours at Crane and Rane
    • PAID Booking time slot at Baltic Room with one of Seattle’s Top Crews
    • Loaded Crane Stand!!
    • 2 sets of colored knobs
    • Custom Engraved Crane tray
    • SubTray
    • Center Stage
    • Rane SL3 - the Advanced 24-bit USB 2.0 interface for Professional DJs

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