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Discussion in 'Digital Audio & Recording' started by poftheu, Jan 17, 2005.

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    1 here.

    I need configuration help, pleeeease.

    What I have...
    MIDI Keyboard
    Proteus Sound Module
    PIII w/ Cubase VST

    I only want the sounds from the sound module.
    I want hear what I am recording and of course playback.
    What I'm getting is, Cubase responds, meaning I can see an input and it records...but I can't hear anything during playback...and the proteus is lost in all of this. I'm am just get the sounds from the keyboard when I am playing it. :hit:

    I'm sure you have gone through this many times, but I would appreciate any help.
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    I have no real experience in this, but it sounds like you want a MIDI connection from your PC to your keyboard and one from your keyboard to the module. The module should react to MIDI events from either the keyboard or the PC, correct? The keyboard should not be reacting to its local events by sounding notes but should merely pass them along to the module.

    Rather than possibly (probably?) giving you bad advice by guessing, I'll link you to a site who might have some answers:

    Hope that helps!

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    I use a midi keyboard into the computer using Cubase VST, the output goes to the module and the audio of the module into a mixing desk with speakers, Cubase will show the response as you hit the keys and you should get a sound out of the module when you play cubase or the keyboard.

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