my hollow laugh

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    my hollow laugh, his nose leaned Lv Feifei hands that support pink rose, very fragrant ah!

    we went to the cafeteria door, Lv Feifei also accused did not know, like plush, pink roses with hand up and down waving her hand, began to wither phenomenon.

    Lv Feifei, you do not harm the roses tis no wrong, and I looked at all distressed.

    ha ha! Could there be on you like fur? This was distressed Rose! Lv Feifei laughing, proud Rose was waved, like a big secret that the general.

    you do not quote the little girl, I Lashoucuihua carefully, so you regret it forever. I Ban Qilian, pretend you mess with me look dead.

    Well! I was wrong. To apologize, and to no fault of roses, I decided to give it to you disposed of. Lv Feifei generous to take into my hands, made a face at me, then quickly ran to the window of the former to buy milk.

    I looked at the hands of the flowers, my heart some jealousy, who is pretty long, and can receive roses. I, no chance ...... Why did I look like a boy, even if left long hair, others will think I am a long hair boys nothing.

    my classroom, the class has not a few people. Only a few people also knuckled down to study, did not look at me empty, but will not find me in the hands of a flower so beautiful roses.

    I took into the drawer, open the book glances, found not in the mood to learn, mind is full of roses to be found Qianqian case, she will ask in the end, if she knew that was sent to plush to Lv Feifei, she will feel very sad now!

    first thought after thought, I was not willing to spend into the trash, but decided to throw in the overflowing desk.

    Qianqian just classroom, I do not know she has not seen, but she did not ask me, I guess she did not see this, I hope not said she is not seen.

    filled into the classroom when the class of people almost Qi. He opened the desk, I was leaning against his desk was shaking back over the pages. He was the flower to be scared. I am lucky in my heart.

    evening, the students were hungry like the wolf dizzy, dash to the canteen. Classroom suddenly very quiet, and I left a large space filled with people uneasy.

    I was also hungry, if it is filled with one second before the bell rings pass a note to me, that have something to say and I said, to leave what I am afraid I had blood in the cafeteria Fen want to fight.

    What do you do? I will face to his table, not for anything else, it is not hungry, I head the support effort.

    you ...... ...... there is not anything without telling me? Filled eyes did not dare to look directly at me, I saw his face tilted slightly to the right, but look to me from time to time aiming his cheek again contracted a Danxia.

    my heart burst of nervous, like he could there he knew Lv Feifei things? Lv Feifei does not seem to me said to his showdown with her, ah!

    I will bite the upper and lower lips pale, I do not know whether to say, if that, and filled with refuse, and it is not harm Lv Feifei it! I recall that Qianqian things, and my heart more than the taste.

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