Name the Simpsons Characters - MB$ up for Grabs

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    also some one asked the name of the three eyed fish. its blinky.

    ok, heres a hard one. in Barts Dog Gets an F, santas little helper is sent of obedience school! What is the head mistress that trains him??
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    Does anyone remember the old cowboy that bart and lisa simpson helped to get back on the air? What was his name?

    How about, the one where bart was lost on the indian reservation? What was the head indian's name?

    How many kids does Apu have? What are the names of Apu kids?

    The police force? Name as many cops as you can!

    - I can't answer the other questions, and these I would like to know. Just a FRIENDLY challenge.:boink:
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    correct itchy-and-scratchy-lyrics are:They fight! And bite!
    They fight and bite and fight!
    Fight fight fight! Bite bite bite!
    The Itchy and Scratchy Show!
    then, in the episode, in which homer is "poochie, the dog", the lyrics are:
    I&S: They fight! And bite!
    P: And bark!
    I&S: They fight and bite and bite!
    P: And bark!
    I&S: Fight bite bark!
    P: Woof woof woof!
    I&S: The Itchy and Scratchy And Poochie Show!

    in one i&s- episode, marge made them to good firends, because she thinks, that they are too violent. the lyrics of this episode are:

    They love! They share!
    They share and love and share!
    Love, love, love!
    Share, share, share!
    The Itchy and Scratchy Show!

    ohh, breakfast, i continue, when i'm ready with breakfast.
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    ok, the last, i think, is the end-credits-version. it's sung by a woman, and in the background, there's just a piano.

    They fought! and bit!
    They fought and bit and fought!
    Fought, fought, fought!
    Bit, bit, bit!
    The Itchy and Scratchy Show!

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    some star-guests

    there are also some famous simpsons-characters, there's elton john in apu's love-episode, micheal jackson (this was really spoken by micheal jackson, but he made it anonym as "john jay smith", or something like this), in one of the newest halloween-episodes, harry potter appears, and in krusty's comeback-special, he has some special guests like bette middler.
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    Peter Griffin was in a simpsons episode.

    Beat that!
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    homer simpson bart simpson maggie simpson grandpa simpson`marge simpson lisa simpson .
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    Sorry i answered a question on the wrong page. Now I edited my post.
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    conan o'brien !!!!!! =]
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    Buck McCoy

    They are octuplets and there names are: Poonam, Sashi, Pria, Uma, Anoop, Sandeep, Nabendu, and Gheet.

    Chief Wiggum...Lou....Eddie.....ummm...Rex Banner in the "beer-baron" episode.....
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    her name was Emily Winthropp and she was played by Tracey Ullman who had the show where Simpsons came from.
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    Here's a list of the entire cast: in two parts...

    The Family

    Homer Jay Simpson
    Marjorie Bouvier Simpson
    Bartholomew Jo-Jo Simpson
    Lisa Marie Simpson
    Margaret Simpson
    Abraham J. Simpson
    Herb Powell
    Jacqueline Bouvier
    Selma Bouvier Terwilliger Hutz McClure
    Patty Bouvier
    Gladys Bouvier
    Mother Simpson (first name unknown)
    Hugo Simpson
    Great Uncle Chet
    Second Cousin Stanley

    Springfield Power Plant

    Charles Montgomery Burns
    Waylon Smithers
    Frank Grimes
    Mindy Simmons
    Smilin' Joe Fission
    Jack Marley
    Zutroy (illegal alien interviewed for job)

    Springfield Elementary

    Principal Seymour Skinner (Armand Tanzarian)
    Superintendant Chalmers
    Edna Krabappel
    Elizabeth Hoover
    Assistant Superintendant Leopold
    Dewey Largo
    Groundskeeper Willie
    Lunchlady Doris
    Dr. J. Loren Pryor
    Mr. Bergstrom
    Milhouse Van Houten
    Martin Prince
    Ralph Wiggum
    Nelson Muntz
    Corky "Jimbo" Jones
    Janey Powell
    Samantha Stanky
    Allison Taylor
    Report Card
    Mr. Glasscock


    Santa's Little Helper
    Snowball I
    Snowball II
    Chew My Shoe
    Dog O' War
    Mr. Teeny
    Sir Oinks-A-Lot
    General Sherman
    Fuzzy and Fluffy Bunny
    The Bear
    MoJo (Homer's helper monkey)
    Bart Jr.
    Chirpy Boy
    Mr. Pinchy
    Stewart (duck working at power plant)
    Bobo (police dog)
    Lao Tzu (dog at obedience school)
    Mr. Bunny (Flanders' dead rabbit)
    Curtis E. Bear (courtesy bear)
    Pinky (Barney's imaginary elephant friend)
    Ginsberg (hippie's dog)


    Herschel Shmoikel Krustofski (Krusty the Clown)
    Kent Brockman
    Sideshow Robert Underdunk Terwilliger
    Sideshow Melvin Van Horn
    Bumblebee Man
    Troy McClure
    Scott Christian
    Arnie Pie in the sky
    Godfrey Jones
    Rainier Wolfcastle
    Dirk Richter
    Buddy Hodges
    Stephanie the Weather Lady
    Sideshow Raheem
    Corporal Punishment
    Tina Ballerina
    Mrs. No Means No
    Itchy and Scratchy
    Worker and Parasite
    Arthur Crandall
    Knight Boat
    Admiral Baby
    Lance Kaufman (police cop)
    Homer Simpson (police cop)

    Guest Voices & Stars

    Ron Taylor as Bleeding Gums Murphy
    Sam McMurray as Gulliver Dark
    Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob
    Penny Marshall as Ms. Botz
    Harvey Fiestein as Karl
    James Earl Jones as Numerous Characters
    Tony Bennett as Himself
    Tony Poston as Capital City Goofball
    Alex Rocco as Roger Myers Jr.
    Phil Hartman as Numerous Characters
    Larry King as Himself
    George Takei as Akira
    Sab Shimono as Master Chef and Mr. Sparkle
    Jon Lovitz as Numerous Characters
    Danny DeVito as Herb Powell
    Tracey Ullman as Emily WInthrop
    Audrey Meadows as Bea Simmons
    Ringo Starr as Himself
    Sam Etic as Mr. Bergstrom
    Cloris Leachman as Mrs. Glick
    Daniel Stern as Narrator (adult Bart voice)
    John Jay Smith (real voice not revealed)as Michael Jackson
    JoAnn Harris as Truong Van Dinh
    Lona Williams as Minnesota Girl and Amber Dempsey
    Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony and Himself
    Neil Patrick Harris as Himself
    Earvin (Magic) Johnson Jr. as Himself
    Chick Hearn as Himself
    Jackie Mason as Rabbi Hyman Krustofski
    Aerosmith as Themselves
    Catherine O' Hara as Collette the Waitress
    Sting as Himself
    Ken Griffey Jr as Himself
    Roger Clemens as Himself
    Mike Scioscia as Himself
    Jose Canseco as Himself
    Ozzie Smith as Himself
    Don Mattingly as Himself
    Wade Boggs as Himself
    Steve Sax as Himself
    Darryl Strawberry as Himself
    Beverly D' Angelo as Lurleen Lumpkin
    Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer as Spinal Tap
    Kimmy Robertson as Samantha Stanky
    Joe Frazier as Himself
    Bob Hope as Himself
    Tom Jones as Himself
    Sara Gilbert as Laura Powers
    Linda Ronstadt as Herself
    Adam West as Himself
    Elizabeth Taylor as Herself
    Leonard Nimoy as Himself
    Brooke Shields as Herself
    Barry White as Himself
    David Crosby as Himself
    Johnny Carson as Himself
    Hugh Hefner as Himself
    Bette Midler as Herself
    Luke Perry as Himself
    The Red Hot Chili Peppers as Themselves
    George Harrison as Himself
    The Ramones as Themselves
    George Fenneman as Narrator in Marge on the Lam
    Ernest Borgnine as Himself
    Michelle Pfeiffer as Mindy Simmons
    Robert Goulet as Himself
    Gerry Cooney as Himself
    Sam Neill as Malloy
    Conan O' Brien as Himself
    James Woods as Himself
    Kathleen Turner as Stacy Lovell
    Buzz Aldrin as Himself
    James Taylor as Himself
    Dr. Demento as Himself
    Meryl Streep as Jessica Lovejoy
    Dennis Franz as Himself
    Ted Danson, Woody Harrelson, Rhea Perlman, John Ratzenberger, and George Wendt as the Cheers Gang
    Anne Bancroft as Dr. Zweig
    Patrick Stewart as Number One
    Dick Cavett as Himself
    Johnny Unitas as Himself
    Mel Brooks as Himself
    Susan Sarandon as Ballet Teacher
    Mandy Patinkin as Hugh Parkfield
    Steve Allen as Himself
    Tito Puente as Himself
    Mickey Rooney as Himself
    Joan Kenley as Phone Voice
    Paul McCartney as Himself
    Linda McCartney as Herself
    Paul Anka as Himself
    Harry Morgan as Bill Gannon
    Glenn Close as Mother Simpson
    R. Lee Ermey as Colonel Hapablap
    Lawrence Tierney as Don Brodka
    Tom Kite as Himself
    Bob Newhart as Himself
    Donald Sutherland as Hollis Hurlbut
    Jeff Goldblum as MacArthur Parker
    Kirk Douglas as Chester J. Lampwick
    Suzanne Somers as Herself
    Jack Sheldon as the Amendment
    Sonic Youth as Themselves
    Cypress Hill as Themselves
    Smashing Pumpkins as Themselves
    Peter Frampton as Himself
    Christina Ricci as Erin
    Paul Winfield as Lucius Sweet
    Michael Buffer as Himself
    Rodney Dangerfield as Larry Burns
    Johnny Cash as Coyote
    Gillian Anderson as Scully
    David Duchovny as Mulder
    Jack Lemmon as Frank Ormand
    John Waters as John
    David Hyde Pierce as Cecil Terwilliger
    Dave Thomas as Rex Banner
    Tim Conway as Himself
    Gallard Sartain as Big Daddy
    William Dafoe as Commandant
    Ed Begley Jr. as Himself
    Loren Michaels as Himself
    Troy Aikman as Himself
    Dan Marino as Himself
    John Madden as Himself
    Pat Summerall as Himself
    Dolly Parton as Herself
    Rupert Murdoch as Himself
    Elton John as Himself
    Steve Martin as Ray Patterson
    U2 as Themselves
    Hank Williams Jr. as Stan
    Helen Hunt as Renee
    Jerry Springer as Himself
    Joe Namath as Himself
    Alec Baldwin as Himself
    Kim Basinger as Herself
    Ron Howard as Himself
    Regis Philbin as Himself
    Kathie Lee Gifford as Herself
    Mark Hamill as Himself
    George Carlin as Seth
    Martin Mull as Munchie
    Isabella Rosselini as Astreth Weller
    Jasper Johns as Himself

    Everyone Else

    Dr. Marvin Monroe
    Bleeding Gums Murphy
    Bob (RV Salesman)
    Ned Flanders
    Reverend Timothy Lovejoy
    Jebediah Obediah Zachariah Jebediah Springfield (Jebediah Sprungfeld)
    Miss Albright (Sunday School Teacher)
    Barney Gumble
    Al Gumble
    Princess Kashmir (Shawna Tifton)
    Gulliver Dark (girlie joint host)
    Adil Hoxha
    Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
    Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon
    Chief Clancy Wiggum
    Sara Wiggum
    Judge Snyder
    Ms. Botz (Lucille Botzkowski)
    Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby
    Momar Szyslak
    Ben Franklin
    Serak the Preparer
    Danielson (Burns' campaign manager)
    Dave Shutton (investigative reporter)
    Mary Bailey
    Capital City Goofball
    Todd Flanders
    Maude Flanders
    Rod Flanders
    Captain Lance Murdock
    Doctor Julius Hibbert
    Roger Meyers Jr.
    Roger Meyers Sr.
    Lionel Hutz
    Doctor Nick Riviera
    Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel
    Toshiro (chef at Happy Sumo)
    Artie Ziff
    Mr. Seckofsky (Homer's shop teacher)
    Principal Dondelinger (Homer's principal)
    Guidance Counselor McIntyre (Homer's guidance counselor)
    Mrs. Bloominstein (Homer's teacher)
    Estelle (Marge's high school friend)
    Kim (another of Marge's friends)
    Larry Davis Experience (band)
    Hezron, Carver of Graven Images
    Zohar, the Adulterer
    Homer the Thief
    Drederick Tatum
    Hans Moleman
    Emily Winthrop
    Bea Simmons
    Darth Vader
    Helen Lovejoy
    The Joker
    Mr. Hazelwood (retirement home administrator)
    Professor John Frink
    Professor Lombardo
    John and Gloria (couple at marriage retreat)
    Comic Book Guy
    Mrs. Glick
    Leon Kompowski (Michael Jackson)
    Chief (mental patient)
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    Antoine "Tex" O' Hara
    Rockin Rollen Stewart (guy with John 3:16 sign)
    Gabe Kaplan
    George Bush
    Congressman Bob Arnold
    Truong Van Dinh (essay contest finalist)
    Maria Dominguez (Reading Digest lady)
    Faith Crowley (Patriotism Editor of Reading Digest)
    Jerry (guy wanting to cut down Springfield Forest)
    Anthony "Fat Tony" Domico
    Legs (mobster)
    Louie (mobster)
    Joey (mobster)
    Princess Opal (psychic)
    Jack Larson (spokesman for Laramie Cigarettes)
    Rabbi Hyman Krustofski
    LuAnn Van Houten
    Kirk Van Houten
    Aristotle Amandopolis (owner of Shlebyville power plant)
    Lois Pennycandy
    Millicent (horse riding instructor)
    Pimple Faced Kid
    Scoey (McBain's sidekick)
    Ronnie Beck (soapbox racer)
    Collette (waitress)
    Hugh Jass (subject of Bart's prank call)
    Harve Bannister (representative for Tipsy McStagger's)
    Justice of the Peace
    Signor Beaverotti (robot at Wall E. Weasel's)
    Smooth Jimmy Apollo (football prognosticator)
    Woodrow (Mrs. Krabappel's imaginary lover)
    Ted Carpenter (yo-yo guy)
    Mr. Amazing (yo-yo guy)
    Sparkle (yo-yo gal)
    Zero Gravity (yo-yo guy)
    Cobra (yo-yo guy)
    Jimmy (1960's child actor)
    Lou (cop)
    Eddie (cop)
    The Veterinarian
    Lurleen Lumpkin (country singer/ waitress)
    Yodelin Zeke (Ya Hoo cast member)
    Butterball Jackson (from Ya Hoo)
    Freddy-Boy (Ya Hoo)
    Yuma (Ya Hoo)
    Cloris Mozelle (Ya Hoo)
    Big Shirtless Ron (Ya Hoo)
    Orville and Hurley (Ya Hoo)
    Cappy Maye (Ya Hoo)
    Hip Diddler (Ya Hoo)
    Rudy (Ya Hoo)
    The Ya Hoo Recovering Alcoholic Jug Band
    Spinal Tap
    Llewellyn Sinclair (director of A Streetcar Named Desire)
    Ms. Sinclair (Llewellyn's sister)
    Mr. Black (head of Kamp Krusty)
    Mr. Bozwell (man behind Worst Dressed List)
    Amber Dempsey (beauty queen)
    Zombie George Washington
    Zombie Shakespeare
    Zombie Albert Einstein
    Surly Joe
    Laura Powers
    Ruth Powers
    Sam (barfly)
    Larry (barfly)
    Lyle Lanley (monorail guy)
    Tom (Bart's partner in the Bigger Brother program)
    Phil (Duff Brewery quality control guy)
    Dr. Wolfe (dentist)
    Richard Nixon
    John F. Kennedy
    Mr. Ogden (teacher at Springfield Christian School)
    Tattoo Annie (jailbird)
    Phillips (jailbird)
    Nigel (manager of the Be-Sharps)
    Benjamin (Homer's college bud)
    Doug (another college kid)
    Gary (another one)
    Dean Bobby Peterson
    Jimmy Carter
    Benedict Arnold
    Lizzie Borden
    John Wilkes Booth
    John Dillinger
    The starting line of the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers
    Brad Goodman
    Captain McCallister
    Ernst and Gunter
    Molloy (cat burglar)
    Kwik-E CEO
    Stacy Lovell (creator of Malibu Stacy)
    Malibu Stacy
    Claire Harper (tour guide at Malibu Stacy factory)
    Mr. Peterson (manager of Krustyburger)
    Dr. Babcock (NASA scientist)
    Jack Stillwater (NASA executive)
    Race Banyon
    Flash Gordon (baseball player)
    Mr. Blackheart (ivory dealer)
    Bill (radio voice)
    Marty (radio voice)
    Simpson Actors
    Gerald (the baby with one eyebrow)
    Joey Heatherton (Vietnam soldier)
    Freddy Quimby
    Adult Education Annex Administrator
    Crazy Old Man
    George Meany (AFL-CIO chairman)
    Jimmy Stewart
    Birch Barlow (radio talk show host)
    Dr. Demento
    Moose, Archie, Jughead, Reggie (Riverdale crew)
    Mr. Peabody
    Jessica Lovejoy
    Ashley Grant (feminist crusader)
    Dr. Zweig (psychoanalyst)
    Number One
    Kirk Van Houten
    Nana Van Houten
    Steve Guttenberg
    Homer Glumplich
    Jack Nicholson
    Orville Reddenbacher
    Mr. T
    Don Vittorio (crime lord)
    Evan Conover (government guy)
    Tobias Drundridge (Australian receiving Bart's phone call
    Bruno Drundridge (Tobias' father)
    Andy (Australian Prime Minister)
    Ballet Teacher
    Jay Sherman (movie critic)
    Spielbergo (Steven Spielberg's Mexican equivalent)
    Hugh St. John Alastair Parkfield
    Principal Valiant (Shelbyville Elementary Principal)
    Mufasa (from the Lion King)
    James Earl Jones
    Cliff and Rudy (fromt he Cosby Show)
    Jericho (criminal)
    Shelby (Shelbyville punk)
    Shelbyville Milhouse
    Shelbyville Manhattan (founder of Shelbyville)
    Joe (Shelbyville's equivalent to Moe)
    Luigi (Italian restaurant owner)
    Agnes Skinner
    Doctor Colossus
    Jose Flanders
    Lord Thistlewick Flanders
    Bill Gannon
    Joe Friday
    Colonel Leslie Hapablap
    Matt Groening (Simpsons creator)
    Sam Simon (executive producer)
    James L. Brooks (executive producer)
    Detective Don Brodka (security guard)
    Luigi, Mario, Donkey Kong, Sonic the hedghodge, Lee Carvallo (video game characters)
    Gavin (spoiled boy)
    Caitlin (Gavin's sister)
    Disco Stu
    Gerald Ford
    Barbara Bush
    Mikhael Gorbachev
    Evelyn Peters (rich socialite)
    Sue Sue (another socialite)
    Handsome Pete (Krusty lookalike)
    Lucius Sweet (boxing manager)
    Kermit the Frog
    Hollis Hurlbut (president of Springfield Historical Society)
    MacArthur Parker (Troy McClure's agent)
    Dr. Zaius (from Planet of the Apes)
    Miss Piggy
    Chester J. Lampwick (creator of Itchy and Scratchy)
    Teddy Roosevelt
    Langdon Alger (boy Lisa likes)
    Very Tall Man
    Brandine (Cletus' girlfriend)
    Iggy Wiggum (Hellfish)
    Sheldon Skinner (Hellfish)
    Arnie Gumble (Hellfish)
    Griff (Hellfish)
    Ox (Hellfish)
    Asa Phillips (Hellfish)
    Etch (Hellfish)
    Van Wortzenburger (owner of Hellfish paintings)
    Erin (Lisa's "hip" friend)
    Rick (another of her friends)
    Dean (another friend)
    Bill Clinton
    Bob Dole
    Hank Scorpio (supervillain)
    James Bont (equivalent to James Bond)
    Mr. Doyle (Bart's teacher in Cypress Creek)
    Shelbyville Milhouse
    Larry Burns (Mr. Burns' son)
    Lily (Larry's mother)
    Dowager (Burns' friend)
    Belle (owner of Maison Derriere)
    Mrs. Quimby
    Starla (Kirk Van Houten's girlfriend)
    Chase aka Pyro (Luann Van Houten's boyfriend)
    Jimmy the Scumbag (criminal)
    Dr. Foster (Ned Flanders' psychiatrist)
    The Coyote (Homer's chili illusion)
    Mulder and Scully (from X Files)
    Frank Ormand (Pretzel Man)
    (Cletus' kids)
    El Bombastico (wrestler)
    Ranger (a ranger)
    Shary Bobbins (Mary Poppins wannabe)
    June Bellamy (voice of Itchy and Scratchy)
    John (gay guy)
    Cecil Terwilliger (Bob's brother)
    Cousin Merle (Cletus' cousin)
    Rex Banner (prohibition guy)
    Mathemagician (lame party entertainer)
    Mr. Mitchell (blind man)
    Bret The Hitman Hart (wrestler)
    Hippie (recycling guy)
    Mr. Sparkle (Homer's dishwashing detergent twin)
    Guy Incognito (Homer's identical twin)
    "Lisa" (from Spin-Off Showcase)
    Charles "Big" Daddy (crime guy)
    Commandant (guy from military school)
    Cadet Larson (kid at military school)
    Cadet Platt (another kid)
    Dr. Vladimir Krabokov (McBain's enemy)
    Tahakasila Nahasapeemapetilon (somehow related to Apu)
    Gil (salesman)
    Fred (man having affair with Gil's wife)
    State Comptroller Atkins
    Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoo
    John Winslow (TV critic)
    Doc Martins
    Osmodiar (alien only Homer can see)
    Coach Flanagan (Homer's coach)
    Miss Wilmenstein (forensics coach)
    Cletus (man getting married at Shotgun Pete's)
    Aileen (his wife)
    Buddy Lou Collier
    Benny Van Stanciano (magazine salesman)
    Marco (waiter)
    Josh (Krusty's nephew)
    Trent Steele (owner of computer company)
    Sylvia Winfield (Simpson's neighbor)
    Postmaster Bill
    Wally Kogan (travel agent)
    Rudy (underappreciated kid)
    Bubba (Dan Marino's bodyguard)
    Hacksaw (his other bodyguard)
    Vincent Pryce
    Jodi Pryce
    Bill Clinton
    Al Gore
    Billy (kid in Troy McClure film)
    Wesley (Lisa's child in a dream)
    Kenny (security guard at art museum)
    Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon (Apu's wife)
    Barbara Van Horn (Sideshow Mel's wife)
    Fantastic Dan (skywriter)
    Ray Patterson (sanitation commissioner)
    Stan (car salesman)
    Sergeant Crew (cop on road rage film)
    Renee (Moe's girlfriend)
    Roberto von Stringbeans (can hold 4 billiard balls in mouth)
    Amos (from Amos and Andy)
    Henry Kissinger
    Brad (Powersauce guy)
    Neil (other Powersauce guy)
    McCallister (mountain climber)
    Robert Chaporo (attorney)
    Albert Dershman (attorney)
    Seth (hippie)
    Muchie (hippie)
    Jerry (jailbird)
    Cornelius Talmidge
    Red Barclay (steak eater guy)
    Señor Ding-Dong
    Gwen (diner waitress)
    John (Jehovah's witness)
    Noreen (Jehovah's witness)
    Mr. Weiss (owner of Kidstown)
    Leroy (worker at Malibu Stacy)
    Ken, Bobby, Joe (Stacy's boyfriends)
    Ariaga, Ariaga II, Bariaga, Arugiana, Pedro Salsa (soccer players)
    Joe Banks (duck guy)
    Mom and Pop (hardware store owners)
    Doug "Chip" Picaro (home improvement guy)
    Astreth Weller (artist)
    Gunther (artist)
    Kiltor (artist)
    Cecil (artist)
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    wow.. what a list G...

    i think that's all of them including the guests
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    "The three guys that Homer works with... Lenny Carl, and there is no third"


    Actually there was a third guy who homer worked with. His name was Frank Grimes aka Grimey. But he killed himself because he couldn't stand Homer and his stupidity.

    I don't know if this would count though.
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    Hugo Simpson, Bart's siamese twin?

    ( I checked, but it may have been mentioned)
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    What abou the squishy lady, you all forgot about her???
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    duffman--oh yeah

    heres a tuff one,,,,duffmans first name??????????
    believe it or not theres two frm two different episodes.:hit:
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    Dr.Marvin Monroe
  20. Rich_b

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    Duffman's name is claimed to be Sid, but in "Pygmoelian", his name was Larry.
    I think in one epsiode Homer says something to Duffman about him being dead and Duffman replies, "Duffman can never die, only the actors who portray him!" Maybe that's why they've used more than one name? ;)

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