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    Ok, I'm new here and tried to search the past threads for something similar but I'm just going to go ahead and post so if it's redundant I apologize in advance, it is not necessary to reply with link to google.

    I have used the SR-16 a lot in the past and am very adept with the interface. I am, however, completely sick of the drum sounds built into it.

    Recently (past 2 years or so) I've been doing a lot of recording with garageband ver 1.0 on my Mac. I also have a USB midi controller (Keyboard) that was marketed to go with the mac.

    Basically the sounds are generated by garageband and the keyboard is just input.

    I record a lot of live instrumentation (guitars, bass vocals etc) My mac will choke if I use too many live tracks (this is a limitation of both the software and the hardware (need more ram)).

    So here's what I want to do and I'm wondering if it's possible.

    I want to use the SR-16 and a sequencer, program my drum part, connect to the USB midi input keyboard, have Garageband generate (and record) the drum part I programmed with it's own drum sounds instead of the crap drum sounds on the SR-16.

    Any takers? Keep in mind that an upgrade in software and hardware aren't an option. I just want to know if this is possible before I set out on my mission.


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