New free Karaoke software: Karafun

Discussion in 'Web Sites' started by fidelio, May 19, 2005.

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    I've tested it.

    - Absolutely free (like Van Basco), no nagging messages or time-limited/restricted functionality
    - Advanced text scrolling effects. Lyrics display has never looked that cool.
    - You can use your own pics for background and pics are changing while the song is played back.
    - You can sing into a microphone and hear it amplified or record it.
    - It can even play Mp3-CDG files.
    - You can synchronize or edit your karaoke lyrics by tapping the Spacebar etc.


    - The microphone thing is a bit tricky. Better read instructions at the web site in order to use it properly.
    - While the playing-back part is absolutely gorgeous, the Karaoke-creating part is less excited because the output is in the propriety format (.kfn), not your ordinary .kar ones.

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