OKYWEB Sysex compatability issue

Discussion in 'General Sequencing' started by Joey Byrne, May 20, 2010.

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    Hi all
    this my first time on the forum and was wondering if any one out there could shed some light on a nagging issue regarding OkYWEB midi file player

    I'm currently using an OKYWEB 1 midi file player it's great for using my external stuff Boss DR-660 Roland XP-50 Digitech VHM-5 Roland Juno-106 in a live gig usig it as a SMF player

    Can't fault the Oxyweb cos it's got loads of memory and you can also setup play-lists for different gigs
    Okyweb uses MP4 midi conversion for Playback

    Its when i want to use the XP50s own sysex data in a song eg: from a performance patch and internal sounds that i program in issue arises

    I use Cubase to sequence then export to midi with all my sounds from the Roland XP50 but the OXYweb doesn't seem to recognize the sysex data !

    there's no midi implementation in the manual and i have checked other sites regarding this issue i was wondering is this a lost cause

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