One Man Band Version 5.0

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  1. Version 5 of the Yamaha compatible virtual arranger keyboard and style
    editor can be downloaded at

    Some of the new features are:
    Wave audio in styles for drumloops and rap & shout vocals.
    A mixer window for fast style adjustments and live effect recording.
    Exporting and importing style tracks to produce "morphed" styles.
    Exporting and importing style parts to produce "medley" styles
    containing variations of different styles.
    Playing chords with MIDI pedals (and having both hands free for melody
    Using Cakewalk .INS files for browsing instrumentbanks.
    Controlling the tempo with a modulation wheel or volume pedal.
    A drumset conversion tool.
    A loader window to load styles and songs in a subsequent manner.
    A split point to allow two different voices to be played with the
    right hand.
    A tap function for tempo setting.
    Generate track events.
    A controller window with an overview and easy edit of all controllers
    in all tracks/parts of a specified type.
    Random velocity and control waves for more variety in styles.

    Suggestions for further improvements are welcome.


    Jos Maas

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