Original Rap Beats for Album (Will Give Credit)

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Double A Ron, Aug 28, 2006.

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    Hey, all!

    I’m wondering if there’s anyone here or elsewhere that wants to sign up who would be interested in composing original rap beat midi files in the similiar style of Suave from http://www.suavebeats.net/beats.html ?

    I could do it myself, but I compose beats in a different and shameful hip-hop style compared to his tunage. Listen to the beats on his site before you make an attempt at composition. I understand you can’t emulating vinyl and voices, so just do what you can to make it sound melodically and rhythmically interesting as I can do the producing, humanizing, and mastering. Any style of backing instrumentals will be accepted as long as it has a similiar flava to Suaves. I also have the samples to add some meat to the composition, so don’t worry about patches either (use orch. hits to emulate stabs). The only real requirements are that the tempo must be between 80 and 110 BPM and the sumbission of the midi file/files must be in a private message to avoid anyone else plagiarizing your hard work. Anyone who submits will get credit on my CD and a free download link to the online mp3s of the project once it’s finished via private message. Send me a private message or e-mail if you have other questions!



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