Pintech k-3 kick trigger help

Discussion in '' started by Karl Johnson, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. Karl Johnson

    Karl Johnson Guest

    Anyone used this trigger (comes with the pintech USA Spirit kit)? I am
    having the worst time with it. It seems that the metal piece on the
    bottom of it is the sensitive trigger piece, but the rubber pad (where
    my pedal's mallet hits) does not have a trigger. It takes a lot of
    force when using the pedal to get any sound out of the trigger, and
    the noise of the pedal hitting is much louder than that of the
    electronic trigger's sound I hear through the head phones. Is this
    setup wrong? I can't see any other way that I could attach this
    trigger to my pedal, it just dosnt make sense any other way. Any help?


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