playback speeds are messed up

Discussion in 'Digital Audio & Recording' started by AngreeDwrf, Aug 26, 2005.

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    hey i need some help. i am usually pretty good at figuring this stuff out, but this time i am stumped.

    i am recprding from a synth to my computer through a tascam us-122 audio/midi interface (usb). i am using cakewalk pro audio 9.

    all of a sudden yesterday i was recording.. track one is good, track 2 recorded fine, then when i played it back, it was off by a little. i tried again thinking maybe i just played it poorly, but every time the same thing would happen. i was able to zoom in and slide it over a little which lined the tracks back up, but after a minute everything was off again... like it was playing back at 2 slightly different speeds. ive never seen this before and i have no idea what might be causing it. my setup is the same as it always has been for successful recording.

    any thoughts?

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