Playing Midis Using Roland XV-3080

Discussion in 'General Sequencing' started by martam03, Jul 18, 2008.

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    Hey all you extremely intelligent midi users!
    I have a small problem...I bought a Roland XV-3080 sound module....used.....but great shape..........plays excellent using the GM section....operating from a PC running Cakewalk 9 (Like Sonar). I want to use other sounds on different tracks other than the GM ones.....maybe even use some GM ones, and Some user and presets patches. I downloaded thge Roland.ins file to tell cakewalk that I want to send Midi info to my module....But Cant make heads nor tails of the manual as how to do this. As well, I purchased an expansion card and a smart media card to be able to store patches I make and save....but again...How the heck do I make a specific patch ( not from the GM set) play when running midis....I dont really understand the LSB MSB stuff!

    Any Help would be really helpful!!!!!


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