Please advice: my Mark 4 for Triaxis?

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    I'm new to the group. I have Mesa/Boogie Mark IV head and H&K 4x12" cabinet
    (Celestion Greenback). My guitar is MM Axis Super Sport, also Dunlop Cry
    Baby GCB 95 and TC G-Major fx processor; all controlled with Behringer FCB
    1010 MIDI Foot Controller. I use TC and FCB1010 relay switches to controll
    Mark IV's channels.

    I played a couple rack systems (JMP-1, Engl etc.) and combos and then
    decided to go for head+cabinet. I've missed my stereo setup, I need another
    rack case for TC G Major, and that 80W of tube power from Mark is too much
    for my needs. So I'm planning to sell Mark IV and buy Triaxis with Mesa
    Boogie 20/20 rack power amp. I love Mark IV sound - that's what I've always
    been looking for. Fat and punchy clean, fat and very long sustaining lead.
    Crunch is a little bit harshy ( loveFender or Engl crunch type of sound).

    I need your advice. I don't want to miss that soud I like in Mark IV. I've
    read at Mesa web site that Triaxis has clean and lead channels from Mark
    series. Could you confirm this? I know that it sounds the best way with Mesa
    2:90 (6L6 tubes) but it's to heavy, too expensive and to loud for me. How
    about 20/20 with its EL84 with Triaxis? How about preamp itself? Is it the
    same sound as from Mark IV preamp? If not EL84 - how about duo: Triaxis and
    Peavey tube power amp (6L6 version) ? Please help.

    Best regards,

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