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    i'm sure i'm missing something obvious,but...

    i finally switched from hardware production to software and i have to say so far,I HATE PC MUSIC SOFTWARE. it's good for effects and mastering,but every program i've used goes out of its way to annoy and confuse midi heads...i've used stand-alone sequencers and synths for 8 years (yamaha only...the BEST) and i've become very skilled at every other aspect of music production (i'm almost able to hear dog whistles at this point),so it's a MAJOR pain in the (blank) when i try to get programs to...

    1.load smfs as 16 tracks (fruity loops does it,but i can't get sound and i don't know how to play vst/dx inst with the tracks)

    2.(as i just said)play a vst synth/dr machine/whatever

    basically,i want my pc to operate like a hardware sequencer...the notes play in their assigned tracks and i can change the inst assigned to each track...sounds simple,but i've tried every driver/output/input combo on every friggin program to no avail...

    my programs are-

    magix (midi and audio studios deluxe,samplitude,music maker 2004)
    fruity loops
    acid 4.0
    cubase sx
    adobe audition
    cool edit pro
    sonar 3 producer ed
    reason 2.5
    cakewalk pro audio 9
    sound forge

    does anyone know ANY combo of ANY of these (and maybe a windows media player...the only thing so far to actually play the gm sounds when i play a midi file...the others put out no sound)
    that will work for composing and playing back my existing smfs with vst sounds/vst samplers???

    i'm sure i'm missing something simple,but EVERY manual and help file i've read in each program might as well be in friggin greek..

    one more thing...the best thing about midi is the universal sound bank and single "language"(control changes,lsb/msb,terminology)
    THAT is why i hate software...different formats,settings,terms,set-ups,etc...using one and learning it isn't so bad,but using 2 or more in tandem isn't worth the trouble...why aren't the elements of vst,software,etc more universal? and why do all the manuals suck so very,very badly???

    anyway...that's my first and last post...if anyone needs engineering/mixing/sampling/midi help,let me know and thanx to all who can help my dumb self

    also...i can make any kind of track in my sleep at this point (esp bass lines and beats),so if anyone is stuck on something,just tell me the time sig and bpm and i'll pull something out of thin air for ya

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