Please help. This is a depserate plea

Discussion in 'Sequencing Software' started by sha1, Jul 7, 2005.

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    I am starting up a duo and I am new to sequencing tools. ( I use to sing with a 8 member band, no prerecorded stuff) so I am totally stuck!

    I have midis. I am using cubase as well as a tascon digital interface. What I need help with is this....

    1) I need to set up a playlist so when I am at a gig, the songs play the set without me needing to touch the laptop.

    2) Now all the midis are saved in cubase as .cpr files. I try to play then through the the media player but I cannot get it to play through the external tone generator (Korg keyboard) via the digital interface....BUT they will play through cubase.....but cubase does not have a playlist tool..........

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

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    Hi sha

    I can identify with ur dilemma!!
    I used to play in a 5 piece live pop/rock band until we kicked out the bassist and drummer. I am still gigging live with the other 3 musos . I know it can be tiresome having fans on the dance floor waiting for your next song .
    I get around this 2 ways;

    1. I use cakewalk sonar 1 software on my pc with my repertoire of songs stored in a folder,in cakewalk programme .I select my songs (midi format) using a wireless mouse. It works without any hitches unless some idiot switches off the power :cool: .(by the way my p c is played throug my p a system)

    2. A few musos I know( 1 man band) convert their song midi files to wave files and burn it on to c d .They then play it through a normal c d player fed through the P a system. Good luck !! POWER
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