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  1. Beta test version 0.1.9b of the HotPaw Guitar Tuner application for
    Palm Tungsten T/T2/C model handhelds is now available here:

    This release adds a mode which locks to a single string of the guitar,
    in addition to the string auto-detect mode. The frequency readout
    jitter has been reduced, and the strobe tuner window uses a better color.

    One test user replied that he could tune his guitar with this PalmOS
    application as accurately as with his Korg rackmount tuner.

    Feedback and comments are welcome! Thanks.

    In article <bhba0b$tbr$>,
    Ronald H. Nicholson, Jr. <> wrote:
    >HotPaw 6-string Guitar Tuner application for Palm Tungsten T/T2/C.
    >It uses the built-in microphone of the Tungsten T and T2, or requires
    >an external microphone with the Tungsten C.
    >Individual match needle tune indicators per string, frequency readout,
    >frequency delta in cents, plus a high resolution strobe tuner window.
    >The current beta supports standard EADGBE tuning, but a future
    >configuration option will eventually allow a +-200 cents custom
    >frequency offset per string for alternate tunings.
    >An early Beta Test version 0.1.5b (expires 9/30) is available here:
    >I don't even play guitar, but I managed to use the test prototype
    >application to tune about 2 dozen guitars at a local music shop,
    >including a couple of the hard-to-tune 1/2-size ones.
    >Comments welcome! Please let me know if you try this app on a
    >Tungsten C; I'd like to know what kind of microphone works best.

    Ron Nicholson rhn AT nicholson DOT com
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