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Discussion in 'Sequencing Hardware' started by tavenger5, Feb 3, 2002.

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    This messages is from Sean Skaalrud <> He needs a hand. ;)

    Hi there I have a quick question for you...I am using a 4 in 4 out multi port interface. I have my alesis qs7 synth hooked up right now and it is working perfectly. What I am trying to do now is use my yamaha dx7 to control my korg triton rack synth. I am having problems with how I should be connecting the midi cables. I do not want to use the dx7 sounds..I just want to use it to control my triton sounds. Can you please tell me how I should connect the midi cables so I can use the dx7 to control my korg triton rack?? I really need help, Thanks Sean
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    A possibility . .

    I believe your DX7 is only going to allow one midi channel, but depending on your sequencing software, you can probably still control andy channel.

    If I had you set up I would run it like this:

    DX7 - Midi Out to Your Interface Midi In - use software to select controlling channel. If you don't care about the sounds on the Dx7, simply turn the volumne all the way down and use controllers in your software for volumes.

    Interface MIDI OUT to DX7 MIDI In

    Q7 - come from the MIDI THRU on your DX7 to your Midi IN on your Q7. Your interface might let you turn an out into a THRU also. Been a while since I have used a DX7 so I am assuming there is a THRU on it.

    Triton Rack - Come from the MIDI THRU on the Q7 to the MIDI IN on your Triton. If your Q7 doesn't have a THRU, I would imagine, the OUT can be toggled to act as a THRU.

    This set up is going to give you layering across channels between the Q7 and the Triton . .and of course the DX on one channel. You can get pretty lush sounds this way. I am not sure if you you wanted to go beyond 16 channels.

    Hope this helps.


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