Re: Digital Compact Cassette - how do you modify an analogue tape to record on a DCC deck

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  1. Kurt Riemann

    Kurt Riemann Guest

    Careful, though. Believe it ot not, the pad under the tape for
    contacting the head was different for dcc cassettes - it was a brush,
    not a felt pad.

    it may not work without it . . .

    Kurt Riemann

    On Sun, 31 Aug 2003 21:55:21 -0400, Rick <>

    >Windows X wrote:
    >> Yes you can, there is a method of drilling holes into a regular Cr02
    >> cassette to be able to record onto it with a DCC deck, but I just dont
    >> know where to find a tutorial/pictures on doing so.

    >WADR, I thought it was a totally diffrent format.

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