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Discussion in '' started by Doug Fuller, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. Doug Fuller

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    "Aaron Draper" <> wrote:
    > OK, I think Roland Gift is a great singer. There, I said it. But as much
    > as you'd like to dismiss the Fine Young Cannibals, you should first listen
    > to "Tell Me What" off The Raw and the Cooked CD. What a great song.

    HA! Got you beat. I FOUND No Doubt's "Tragic Kingdom" in the trash at a
    gas station and in a moment of weakness, played it. Much to my surprise I
    really like the tune "Hey You."

    Doug Fuller
    Boston (remove all underscores)
    "It's all in the mama-daddies."
  2. creux

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    70's porn movies have some funky tunes - stanley clarkeish...

    i wonder whats playing on the background of 'chili porn' - sumthin mexican,
    or ???

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