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  1. I just got this note from WKSU with a somewhat more specific schedule
    for tonight's webcast:

    "Tonight we'll continue our look back on the 36th Kent state Folk
    Festival. (2002) In the first hour we'll hear Laurie Lewis, Beyond the
    Pale, Hillbilly Idol, American Gypsy, Rhonda Vincent and a classic from
    Martin Bogan & Armstrong. At 9:00 Ruthie Foster. at 9:45 Ricky Skaggs,
    at 11:00 Eric Bogle, and at midnight the Asylum Street Spankers. Hope
    you can catch it or tape it. A lot of this may not be heard again for a
    while. Enjoy and please pass the word. Thanks to Jim Gilliland for all
    of his hours recording and editing these shows with the exception of
    Beyond the Pale, recorded by R.T. Mansfield. News on this year's event
    (Nov 14, 15 & 16) should be announced next Saturday during Folk music on

    Those of you who liked the Hillbilly Idol track from the RAP3 CD can
    hear more of them in the 8 o'clock hour of tonight's webcast. But it
    looks like the Martin Bogan and Armstrong piece will just be a song or
    two rather than a complete set. The whole first hour will be a mix of
    stuff from many shows, while the rest of the evening will be complete

    The Asylum Street Spankers recording was especially challenging in that
    the band does not normally perform with any amplification whatsoever.
    They didn't want us to use any microphones at all. We wound up with a
    set of four mics low across the front of the stage, and a pair of
    "overhead" mics over the area where the drums and bass were set up.
    There was a lot of bleed, and at times you can hear some comb distortion
    on some of the instruments and vocals. And a couple of the vocals just
    got buried in the sound of the band - but that's exactly the way it
    sounded in the hall, and the band says that it is intentional, so that's
    just the way it is. The band members tend not to stay put at all, and
    they are constantly switching instruments, so I basically just captured
    as much as I could of what was happening on stage and tried to blend it
    so it sounded good. It's an interesting recording, but I'd still prefer
    to have captured the vocals better.

    Anyway, I hope some here get the chance to hear some of it. If you're a
    fan of folk music, there's a lot of good stuff here. Ruthie Foster has
    a strong blues/gospel background, Ricky Skaggs's band is among the best
    in bluegrass these days, and Eric Bogle is a wonderful singer/songwriter
    from Australia - you may know his anti-war songs "And The Band Played
    Waltzing Matilda" or "The Green Fields Of France". And the Asylum
    Street Spankers are just plain fun, and a bit baudy - that's why they
    are being saved until after midnight.

    All of the times listed above are Eastern Daylight time. The live feeds
    can be found here:

    Jim Gilliland wrote:

    > But first something even more important...
    > I just brought home my wife and newest daughter from the hospital this
    > afternoon. Yep, another Gilliland enters the world.... Jaimee Lynn
    > Gilliland arrived Wednesday evening shortly after 9.
    > Now for the subject line - WKSU is broadcasting my recordings of last
    > year's Kent State Folk Festival tonight and tomorrow night here. These
    > will include Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, Rhonda Vincent and the
    > Rage, the Pete Sutherland trio, Ruthie Foster, Laurie Lewis and Nina
    > Gerber, the Asylum Street Spankers, Cheryl Wheeler, and Eric Bogle.
    > Also in the mix will be Beyond The Pale (I did NOT record that one), and
    > an archive performance of Martin, Bogan, and Armstrong from the 1970s
    > (again, not my work). Howard Armstrong died just this month - he was
    > the last of them to stick around.
    > (For those unfamiliar, Martin, Bogan, and Armstrong were an early black
    > string band from the rural south, one of the best known and best loved.
    > This is definitely a slice of musical history. This one will kick off
    > tomorrow night's broadcast/webcast at 8.)
    > The broadcasts will be carried on the web via RealAudio or Windows Media
    > at They run from 9PM to 1AM EDT tonight, and 8PM to 1AM EDT
    > on Saturday night:
    > They may also be available on for a week or more after the
    > broadcast:
    > Or, if you happen to be in northeastern Ohio, they're on the air at 89.7
    > or any of several repeaters:
    > If you get the chance to listen to any of them, please feel free to
    > critique or ask questions about the recordings.
  2. Dale

    Dale Guest


    I used to play Martin, Bogen & Armstrong's "Barnyard Dance" in bands. Wish I
    could have heard them live. I also lament that I never heard the Mills
    Brothers live (had a chance when I was a "kid". I still perform some of their
    stuff, and can listen to it for long periods of time - including the Xmas

    Anybody heard Butterbeans and Suzie (i.e., "I Wanna Hot Dog For My Roll")?

    Oddio Guy

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