Re: Mackie Employees to Drop Trou and Resemble Ned Beatty...Feed China!!

Discussion in '' started by Aaron Householter, Aug 28, 2003.

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    > Sorry, I'm just of the mind that there are some professions that automation
    > just can't handle. A robot can't examine a piece of wood for intent. It
    > can spot blemishes and flaws, but can't know by looking at the wood just
    > what it's going to be good for. A nice old raw plank might not be good for
    > a bed frame, but be great for a coffee table with character out the butt.
    > Assembly line production may not have quite this level of art with it, but
    > still, other than shaving some seconds, a lathe still requires the same
    > amount of time to turn a table leg. A table saw can't cut any faster. A
    > router can't shape any faster. But there's nothing to say that you couldn't
    > have 15 more routers or table saws or lathes and 15 more operators to run
    > them.
    > I'll bet this Hooker character is a 2nd or 3rd generation family owner with
    > his eye on the bottom line and never spent a day in the shop. He probably
    > views the shop as a dusty old place full of glue, paint and lacquer smells,
    > while his father or grandfather knew every piece of wood he put into a piece
    > of furniture.

    Fuckin right on brother. I'm about fed up with this idea that Wal-mart
    is the king. Folks shit is shit, shit at a good price is shit. Granted
    if you need a tool that you are going to use once and break on you, go
    on in and pick one up.
    Gone are the days of quality meat cutters etc. in America. The
    problem with most people (myself included) is that we want too much of
    everything instead of quality.
    Look, another way to put it for the alarmists out there. Everytime we
    spend American dollars in China, it allows the little yellow brothers
    to buy that much more in National Defense/offense. China is the
    biggest single threat we face in the world. I look at spending money
    in China like I would spending money on German beer in 1939.
    Building a few mic stands etc there is fine with me, building a
    Focusrite Blue unit there is a complete fucking rip-off to the
    consumer. I mean let's face it, The ISA 230 is a combo of the 130 comp
    and the 110 EQ.(20 year old designs) with a couple of (i've heard)
    crap digital add ons. OK so you have no money in R&D & .25 an hour
    labor $75.00 in parts. The 230 should retail for $300 not $3000. Oh I
    forgot, paying off the reviewers in the shit music rags adds to the
    Yours Truly,
    Aaron Householter

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