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    > What is the legal status of MIDI tracks created with a sequencer from
    > sheet music? Assuming the music itself is in the public domain (e.g. Bach
    > or Beethoven), do I have legal obligations to the publishers of the sheet
    > music?

    Not unless you are circulating their specific arrangments, layout, etc.
    You can't take what would otherwise be public domain, but happens to be
    published by Schirmer, Xerox it, and distribute.

    Additionally you can't distribute a midi file that plays a specific
    brass arrangement of an old English Folk song by a contemporary artist.
    Nor your own hand-scored sheet music of such an arrangment.

    > Or can I freely distribute and use the tracks as I please?

    As long as it is either YOUR arrangement or no more than the original
    music (by Chopin or Bach or whomever), I believe it is not illegal.

    I'm not a lawyer.


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