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    I'm just curious to know what some of you more pro drummers think on this.
    I currently use a Pearl Eliminator DB pedal with Evans patches and a Evans
    resonator front skin, with the hole cutout at the 4:00 clock position. On one
    beater, I use the felt side of the beater and on the other pedal, I use the
    plastic side. My reasoning for this is, the right pedal (I'm a righty) I use
    the plastic side of the beater for more of a punchier kick sound than the other
    pedal. My thinking is, with this set up, if I need a softer sound, I use that
    pedal, and have that option too. When using both together, it enables me to
    have more of a dynamic roll, if you will, than having both pedals being the
    same and producing the same intensity or color. Basically, I'm wondering am I
    tripping or does it make that much difference out front? I guess recording
    would prove it out, but without doing that, does it really make a difference?
    What do you think and have you experimented to that extent?

    This Inquiring Mind Wants To Know,

    JWald wrote:

    > Regardless of what it is made of, do you use one? When do you want one? All
    > styles? I'm using a Superkick 1, and the felt side of a DW beater, and
    > absolutly love the sound I'm getting. I have a patch, but am afraid of
    > losing the sound I have. Am I risking head damage playing without a patch?
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