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Discussion in '' started by -MIKE-, Aug 20, 2003.

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    >> It indeed does. I used the shopping cart option for the Wine company.
    >> > I believe that PayPal has a shopping cart or something that will allow
    >> > non-paypal customers to just use a credit card. Look at the different
    >> > options pay pal offers.

    > Yeah, but unfortunately as part of the checkout process, customers *must*
    > become PayPal members. I'm just concerned that people will be put off
    > that in order to buy something I'm selling, they *also* have to join this
    > other Website. That's as opposed to just entering CC info and being done
    > with the transaction...
    > Do you guys not really see that as an issue?
    > --Jim.

    I don't, but I already use it. I'm also not a technophobe, like
    many of your potential customers may be. Fact is, you have to
    accept credit cards to sell the kind of thing your are selling.
    There are things people would never buy, if they couldn't put it on
    a credit card. And even with debit cards becoming the norm, we're
    all such impulse buyers that you would lose sales if someone had the
    time to think about it. :)

    You will have to discern, foretell, guess, whether the business lost
    to non-paypalers would make up the cost of having a direct vendor
    account with Visa or Mastercard.


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  2. Chris Ely

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    f-mo. wrote:

    >Anyway, the site's just about ready to go -- check it out at
    > and let me know what you think. We're just a few
    >days from going live.
    >Thanks for any feedback, and look for VERY soon!!!

    Absolutely killer site.
    One of the best looking, simple, informative, and effective web site
    designs I have seen in a long time.

    Oh, and so many people already are members of Paypal due to Ebay, that
    it shouldn't be a big deal. And for those who are not members, joining
    Paypal is not this weird niche thing that they are going to do and only
    be able to use at your site, and join a different service for every
    other site they visit. Paypal is a standard, in a way. It has been


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