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Discussion in '' started by David Kalmusky, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. > I like the girls voice. Why so many disclaimers.
    > Country music is just as valid as any other music mushy or not. Let's
    > see some back bone.

    Yes, didn't mean to "disclaim" country music, again, I wanted to
    focus on what IS there, and not ideas of "Big guitars" and "drum
    loops" from a multitude of listeners working in other genres, I've
    been producing country music for 15 years, make my living doing it,
    and if i thought it sucked, i'd be living a sad little life, sorry
    for the disclaimers, it was more of a psycological ploy to keep the
    posts focused on the subject i requeststed, i've seen how posts stray
    un-controllably from the issue at hand, however.... i am not a
    psycologist, I'm a music producer, and i should probably just let the
    masses do, what they do !

    I love the gils voice too, and have a great deal of respect for the
    artist, As a result, I wanted to eliminate her, and her performance
    from critique, this post, I really just wanted mix comments, which
    you contributed some excellent thoughts.

    > Here's the stuff you said you don't want. <snip> At the "b"
    > part of the 1st verse you lose the singer and the story she is singing.
    > From "I thought by now" to "anticipating" is unclear like you are trying
    > to hide the lyrics. This treatment reminds me of Shelby Lynne's "I Lie
    > Myself To Sleep" on Tough All Over. Only I can always follow Shelby's
    > words and the song story.

    No - I need to know this, very valid, you don't know the song, her
    lyrics are getting lost to you,
    HOSemely important, and needs to be
    rectified, I know the song, I co-wrote it, produced it, played on it,
    engineered it, and mixed it, I've heard it over 200 times, at this
    point, i'm sure, even when focusing on the mix, i take some of the
    words forgranted, thankyou for this comment.
    > I also think that in the chorus you need to pull the hi hat pattern up
    > to 16th notes where you do the staccato figure. My ears just want to
    > hear something more intense and pushy there. Maybe not the HH but
    > something needed to happen there. Maybe a counter BG layer or
    > something. Also in the 1/2 chorus that serves as a bridge it would be
    > nice to have a quicker pulse for just a few bars where it's staccato.
    > Last...I wanted to hear a full chorus again at the end. I wasn't done
    > with the song where you ended it.

    I love breaking the listener's heart with the song ending, leaving a
    tad of un-resolve, wanting more, again... arrangement, and
    production, is subjective, 20 arrangers, and 20 producers would make
    entirely different choices, as would 20 different mixing engineers,
    however....after 15 years of arranging and producing, my word isn't
    remotely god, nor is it neccisarrily the "Best" production, or
    arrangement for the piece, but it is my "Signature" and I've learned
    to make decisions, stand by them, fall in love with them, and move
    on, I know the client, and record company trust me not to wreck their
    song, and that's good enough for me to have the confidence in that
    department without going into detail on why, or "what i was going
    for" - as for mixing, this is the first project I have taken on, and
    decided to mix, I'm totally open, a little insecure, and not as sure
    of myself, as I am in other departments, and really appreciate all
    your great feedback.

    Thanks Patric

    David Kalmusky

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  2. In article <>, says...
    > Ha! Now that I listen again....that's what IS there isn't it. I'm done
    > now. Patric

    Can you please elaborate ??? I'm not sure i get it ??

    David Kalmusky

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