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Discussion in '' started by David Kalmusky, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. In article <>, says...
    > Sorry. On one listen through I heard the string line before the 2nd verse
    > and fired off a reply saying that would be a good intro figure. When I
    > listened to the piece again from the beginning I saw that indeed the string
    > line was right where I suggested it should be. Probably why I thought it was
    > such a good idea. Ha! I should have referenced the post I posted right
    > before this one (that one?).

    Great minds think alike

    > Who is the artist? Where is she in her career? Is this her first project?
    > Good work and good luck. Patric

    This is her 2nd record, David Foster produced the first one, so i've
    some shoes to fill, that's why I'm a little open to the whole "how's
    my mix" thing. this has to stand up, and have nothing amateur about
    it, i usually keep to myself, and wouldn't usually post work, and ask
    for comments, but I have to lower my ego, and take advantage of the
    ears out there that are way more experianced with mixes than I.

    I've got my strengths, and when I need greatness in an area that
    I'm not capable of, I try to ally myself with greatness.

    There are many in here, who's strong suit, or Forte, is Mixing,
    mine is not, but I'm adding it to my bag of tricks, I've always had
    decent sounding "rough 2's" but generally brought in some heavy
    hitters to mix the final product, the last project I worked on, i,
    and other people in the organization, were happier with some earlier
    rough 2's than the finished, mastered project, it was then, re-mixed,
    and mastered by another engineer, using those original rough 2's as a

    I'd like to hoan my mixing chops, and leave as little in other
    hands as possible, to assure continuity in vision from beginning to
    end, however, amateur mixes are NOT a part of that vision, and I'm
    smart enough to know that getting a general concensus, could be a
    really good indication of whether or not I'm making a mistake in this
    train of thought.

    I've been extremely lucky to work along side of some incredible
    engineers, producers, and musicians my whole career, and worked on
    maybe 50 or 60 records over the last decade, so I'm not starting from
    scratch over here, however, again... I'm used to having confidence in
    every decision I make, standing by it, and moving on, i don't have
    the track record, or experience mixing the finals, to warrant that
    kind of cockiness, (or confidence that we all need)

    Perhaps after this project I will ?


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